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Trigger Point Pilates 
  • A Trigger Point Pilates™ Class is all about body restoration. The class contains Pilate’s moves mixed with myofascial release principles to help alleviate pain and stiffness.


  • The class is designed to improve the health of your fascia  (connective tissue) and release tight muscles. This enhances functional daily movement.


  • Fascia restrictions occur in everyone, whatever their age or level of fitness.


  • This class is suitable for everyone regardless of fitness levels and health restrictions. 


  • Small equipment is used to release and re-align the body.


  • On Tracy’s courses you will be able to enjoy one of these sessions once a month.


The deeper stuff….. 


Myofascial means muscle and fascia. It is a continuous band of connective tissue wrapping around and throughout the body. Think of the transparent tissue you see when you remove the skin of a chicken. That transparent film is fascia; our bodies are made of fascia. Think of fascia as a transparent cling film, a cob web covering every muscle, a web of 3dimensional connective tissue. This multi-dimensional matrix surrounds, intertwines, protects, and supports every part of the body. Fascia is wrapped throughout the body in "lines of pull." Think of one piece connecting from the brow to your toes, fingers to chest and neck. Fascia creates our form, shaping and supporting us. This is what we work on to release in class.


Under a microscope, fascia is tissue filled with water. It’s job is to attach, stabilize, enclose and separate muscles and internal organs. It is highly sensitive as it is full of nerve cells, sensitive to every hormone in your system.

Fascia needs to be kept hydrated with water and movement. This allows the body tissue to change and heal.


With every repetitive functional movement, the fascia reacts. Injury, trauma, falls, surgery, repetitive physical stress and emotional stress affects the fascia system.


A build-up of fascia cells creates inflammation leading to nagging deep painful areas known as Trigger Points. Referral pain can occur in the body from a nerve running from one area to another part of the body where a Trigger Point may be. In a TPP class there are many exercise sections where we work on releasing into the deeper layers of fascia targeting the release of Trigger Points. 


The worst thing you can do is sit around in a chair all day, even if you are injured, post-operative or live with a chronic painful condition.


The Medical world is finally acknowledging that facia restrictions cause chronic pain, yet in clinical checks fascia restrictions cannot be seen on most MRI ‘s or X-rays.  Its only on superior MRI scanners and ultra sound used in research programmes  that the fascia can be see. 


The more we learn about it the more we realise how important it is to health….

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