Pilates for Runners
Also suitable for swimmers, cyclist, triathletes and other sports.


If you are looking to improve your running performance as well as reduce your chance of injury this may be the class you want.

Much of the training that runners do is about improving their cardiovascular engine, this class is about getting your chassis of bones, muscles and ligaments set up properly. 


The starting point for a good running gait is correct posture. In fact a good posture will keep bones and joints in the correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly. It will help decrease the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces and decreases the stress on the ligaments; so it will help runners and non-runners alike. 

Pilates helps to target those local muscles around the pelvis, torso and shoulder girdle area that modern life has allowed to become weak. It uses slow controlled movements to get those local muscles to engage properly.

Classes differ from the normal Pilates classes as there is a little more emphasis on turning on and strengthening glutes as well as more rotation in the pelvic area. Some of the exercises have been modified with the evidence based work of Jay Dicharry.

Whilst the classes are an hour you will be taught how to use certain parts of it as a good pre-run warm up and other parts for a warm down for you to try a few times a week.

Chris Holdsworth International Mountain Runner

After a pretty serious injury that ruled me out of the Three Peaks, I was told by a GP and a physio that I have weak glutes and poor form and if I didn't address it I'd continue to keep getting these injuries. I sought out Dave in the hope he could help correct these issues. He helped me to work on my posture, form and strengthen weak areas as well as to put together a programme I can use to coincide with my running and stave off injuries. Since overcoming the injury and beginning Pilates I have been pain free and running much more!"

picture showing the anatomy of running
A picture of Chris Holdsworth running for Lancashire