Using Zoom to do Pilates is nice and simple.

Step 1

If you are going to be using a phone or tablet download the Zoom app;  

Click here for Apple 

Click here for Android  


Step 2

24 hours before your class you’ll receive an automated email with the link to your Zoom class. Don’t click it then! Wait until about 5 minutes before your class.


Step 3

When you click the link you’ll be taken to a page that says “Open Zoom”.


Step 4

You will need to click on “Join with Computer Audio”.


Step 5

Give it a second to load your video and connect your audio.


Step 6

Once you’re in please select ‘gallery view’ in the top right corner. This will allow you to see everyone. If you’d prefer to see us, or yourself in a larger screen, select ‘speaker view’ then click the ellipses and click ‘pin video’ on whichever you prefer – please note you can’t do this on an ipad.


Step 7

You will need to position your screen ideally so you can see yourself standing and you can hear us. Make sure you have any equipment handy, for example bands, balls or alternatives like cushions, tennis balls and tights. You may need to adjust your screen for some of the exercises


Some things that might also happen

  • Once you’ve clicked the link you might see a yellow box that asks to accept cookies. Once you’ve accepted the cookies you may need to click “click here” in this box in order to get Zoom to open.

  • The Zoom window with the class in might open in a separate window to your browser. If nothing seems to be happening just minimise your browser window to check there isn’t another window open with the rest of the class in looking expectantly at you.

  • It is worth remembering that people already in the Zoom class can probably see and hear you before you can see and hear them. Therefore try and control language and general irritation with the technology.


  • Your camera doesn’t work. You can see us but we can’t see you, or you can’t see us either. Leave the meeting and try joining again. It might be a blip or that you missed a permission box saying Zoom could use your camera.

  • You can’t hear anyone. Check you haven’t got us on mute and that your device’s volume is turned up.

  • Audio keeps breaking up. Try and set up your mat somewhere you have a good internet connection and isn’t near other speakers/microphones to create interference.